Finney, S.A. (2001). FTAP: A Linux-based program for tapping and music experiments.
Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 33, 65-72.


This paper describes FTAP, a flexible data collection system for tapping and music experiments. FTAP processes input keystrokes and auditory output with documented millisecond precision and runs on standard PC hardware, using standard MIDI devices for input and output. FTAP is particularly flexible in the area of auditory feedback manipulation; it can run a wide variety of experiments including synchronization/continuation tasks (Wing and Kristofferson, 1973), synchronization tasks combined with delayed auditory feedback (Aschersleben and Prinz, 1997), continuation tasks with isolated feedback perturbations (Wing, 1977), and complex alterations of feedback in music performance (Finney, 1997). Such experiments have often been implemented with custom hardware and software systems, but with FTAP they can be specified with a simple ASCII text parameter file. FTAP is available at no cost upon request from the author.