Protopapas, A., Finney, S.A., and Eimas, P.D. (1997). Baseline conditions in structural induction: Comment on Pitt, Smith, and Klein (1998).
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 25, 1472-1475.


M.A. Pitt, K.L. Smith, and J.M. Klein (1998) claimed that a baseline condition is necessary in experiments using the structural induction paradigm (S.A. Finney, A. Protopapas, and P.D. Eimas, 1996; C. Pallier, N. Sebastian-Galles, T. Felguera, A. Christophe and J. Mehler, 1993) to correctly interpret interactions effects. In this article, it is shown that this constitutes a misunderstanding of the interpretation of statistical interaction and that a baseline condition offers little unless comparisons between cells of different target types with induction conditions are necessary.