That's Steven A. Finney, the (retired) computer programmer and (former) cognitive/experimental psychologist (but still a Balkan music fanboy/performer, and geology/plant/bird enthusiast). Not Steve Finney, the English soccer/football player, nor Steve Finney, the Alternative/Folk/Pop musician.

I worked extensively with UNIX in the 1980's (primarily PDP-11's and Intel), spent much of the 90's and early 00's getting a PhD and doing research in cognitive science (psycholinguistics and music psychology, including a postdoc with Caroline Palmer at Ohio State), and then went back to doing professional computer work (mostly "embedded Linux").

In 2017 I put together a new 2.1.07 version of my 2001 Linux-based FTAP software package for tapping and music experiments; this is basically a cleanup release with a few minor enhancements. I also re-confirmed FTAP's millisecond accuracy and precision using multiple USB-MIDI interfaces. See the FTAP web page.

I am signatory #1419 at Project Steve. It's not often I get to associate with such luminaries as Steven Chu, Stephen Hawking, and Steven Pinker.

With the valuable assistance of some friends, I put together a quality compact disc (remember CD's?) of solo kaval by Nikolay Doktorov. Go to the music page for more detail.

I've written up some non-fiction articles, covered by the permissive Creative Commons license. See the articles page.

Dan Auvil did the design and many of the graphics on this web page (thanks, Dan!), but don't blame him for the parts I messed up later. He's both a great drummer and a great graphics dude.