Steve is currently:
looking for a job.

That's Steven A. Finney, the computer programmer and cognitive/experimental psychologist (and Balkan music enthusiast/performer), not Steve Finney, the English soccer/football player, nor Steve Finney, the Alternative/Folk/Pop musician.

I worked extensively with UNIX in the 1980's (primarily PDP-11's and Intel), spent much of the 90's and early 00's getting a PhD and doing research in cognitive science (psycholinguistics and music psychology, including a postdoc with Caroline Palmer at Ohio State), and then went back to doing professional computer work (mostly "embedded Linux").

I have put together a new 2.1.07 version of my Linux-based FTAP software package for tapping and music experiments; this is basically a cleanup release with a few minor enhancements. I also re-confirmed FTAP's millisecond accuracy and precision using multiple USB-MIDI interfaces. See the FTAP web page .

Dan Auvil did the design and many of the graphics on this web page (thanks, Dan!), but don't blame him for the parts I messed up later. He's both a great drummer and a great graphics dude.